ODBC Configuration

I have been asked to design an application using Tamino as the underlying data store accessed via ODBC. I am having some problems getting started, in particular configuring the ODBC data source.

I have managed to install Tamino and generate a test database which I populated via the Tamino Schema editor and Tamino interactive interface.

I am aware of the XML/SQL store problems as well as the SQL catalog/licence issue.

I have skimmed most of the available documentation as well as searching via the web for combinations of the strings Tamino, ODBC and SequeLink but I have not found anything I can use.

Can anyone help?

Hi John,
It is not clear why you would want to use ODBC to access the data in Tamino. Why not just use the direct route using http commands or by using one of the APIs.

Also, why do you mention SQL? HOw does SQL fit into your application?

Tell us a bit more about your application development environment.

If you could explain in more detail exactly what it is you want to do, maybe we can help. I think you are going to find this is all a lot easier than you might think!!! :slight_smile: