Tamino as an ODBC Data Source


I would like to access Tamino, say through Business Objects’ API (via ODBC driver). Is it possible to configure Tamino as an ODBC data source to accomplish the same. What are the other ways of doing this ?


Hello Rajeev,
Tamino has at the interface level XML documents.
ODBC is only for rows and tables.
To have a flat table view on top of XML documents does not make too much sense.
With X-Node we do the opposite providing a
XML view on top of tables (with internally using ODBC).
I hope there is an increasing movement that those tools like Business Object can also access XML documents. Standard interfaces for
XML like XQuery for Java (XQJ), which is for XML what JDBC is for tables, are currently developed.

Best regards

The Tamino API for .NET is similar in design to an ADO.NET Data Provider.

The reason it couldn’t be the same is that we are dealing with XML and SQL! And at the time it was designed/implemented there was no other way.