define an Access or MySQL database to Tamino


I have a problem when defining an Access or MySQL database to Tamino using Schema Editor.
Let’s start with the main problem:
After the creation of the schema I want to define it to Tamino (, but I receive this error message :frowning: :
ODBC error occurredLine 4, Column 0: State:IM002 Native Error: 0[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified.

I tested my ODBC connection with Excel and this works fine. That’s why I think it’s a Tamino problem. In the data source field I fill in the DSN name of the database.

The other problem I have is that when I create a MySQL database and try to import it using “Import from ODBC table”, fill in the DNS name, user and password, I get the message “column not found”??? When I don’t fill in a user and password I receive something like this:
Tables: JTree
+ colors
+ sport
+ food
Which hasn’t got anything to do with my DB.

Thanks in advance,

client.xml (1.18 KB)

Hi Pieter,

Was your ODBC data source declared as a System DSN? For Tamino this has to be the case.

Thanks for your reply!

I defined my ODBC data source as a system DSN. I think mySQL isn’t supported on Tamino. Access works.