ODBC wizard - schema saves - mapping does not work.

I have used the ODBC wizard to map to an Access Database as per the schema editor documentation. After this I save the schema without creating a doctype. This saves fine. there are two rows of info in my access table, and when I attempt to query the table through the interactive interface I get a “no objects returned” message (the access DB is running). When I attempt to process an XML document to write to the the Access DB I get an “element attribute name not found” error, even though the input xml doc matches the schema correctly. What am I doing wrong?

What do you exacly mean with “save without creating a doctype”? Did you define the schema to Tamino? Is the schema subtree created by the ODBC Wizard accessible by a doctype?

I think you’ve answered your own question.

I’ve had the same result, when defining a schema that has no doctype defined - no objects returned. Specifying a doctype solved the problem.

The reply function does not seem to be working for me.

I did not give the schema a doctype because the schema editor would not allow me to.

I’m pointing to a table called “NameTable” containing a sequence of three elements. When I attempt to define the schema with a doctype, my only option is to give the schema a doctype of “NameTable”. When I try and define it to Tamino I get the following error…
"ODBC error occured;Element name = NameTable "

The documentation gives no explanation or action.
I can’t assign any other doctype name to the schema.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the only way I was able to define the schema to Tamino was “sans”(without) doctype. The problem then was in viewing the data.

You have to use a doctype, otherwise this subschema will not be used by Tamino.
What happened is that the Tamino Server tried to get information from the access database and failed for the element “NameTable”.
What version of the schema editor (3.1) are you using? The one with the ODBC Wizard or the one without?
Does your Tamino Server runs on the same machine as the Editor? If not, did you create a ODBC data source on the Tamino Server machine with the same name and pointing to the same access database?
Please attach your schema, too.

I’m using schema editor 3.1, with the schema tools (ODBC wizard etc). My Tamino 3.1 is running on the same machine. I’m attaching the schema with doctype that gives me the error.
NameTable.TSD (2.3 KB)

My ODBC datasource name is test, which was created on the same machine. I have used XNode to Access succesfully before although with Tamino 2.1 and the schema editor 2.1.

Ok, I tried it myself - now I know Access.
I worked with W2000P: Access ODBC driver version: 4.00.5303.01.
My Tamino version is
I could define the schema without problems. The schema and the access database are attached as zip file. The schema looks like your schema does.
AccessToAccess.zip (30.4 KB)

Hi Harald.
Thanks for your efforts. I tried with your schema and still get the same problem complaining abouth the element name “NameTable”.

I’ll log this with SAGSIS, and hopefully post the solution.

I seem to have gotten to the bottom of this.
I changed the datasource name and for some reason this gave me the same INOXME8505 error but with a different message “X-Node licence missing for ACCESS”.

I’m not sure why the error message was different when my datasource name was different, but I will log it.

I think the INOXME8505 error may be specifically related to the X-Node licence.