SAP Adapter is preventing new fields to be populated / URGENT

Dear all,

I realized strange behaviour. Please take the time and try to understand what I mean. It’s really happening:
In scope:
Connection between SAP and webMethids via SAP Adapter and RFC.
We appended our user specific MATMAS05 IDoc with new fields.
When I connect webMethods Test with SAP Test system values for the new fields are populated. When I relink webM Test to SAP QA the IDoc is send WITHOUT the new fields. Although it’s the same mapping and I can see the fields maintained in webMethods in my posting service.
Even more strange:
When I move the mapping to webM QA and set up the connection to SAP QA the fields are shwon in the IDoc.

The SAP connection in webM Test and QA is absolutely the same!!!

Is there any connection either in SAP or webMethods to be set when the IDoc is changed?? Does anyone experienced similar issue? Could this be because of any code settings in the SAP inbound function builder???

I have absolutely no idea what happende and I want to prevent similar issue for Go Live.

Please help. Any idea is highly appreciated.



Hi Dennis,
If there is any change in Idoc structure and not reflecting, please clear the DDIC Cache in SAP adapter page.

Thanks & Regards,
Arul christhuraj

I will try that

Yeah …Clear the DDIC Cache in SAP adapter as it stores the existing Idoc structure …


I have the same problem for wM 6.5, I cleared the cache but it did not resolve the issue. Please help if anyone experienced the same problem.