SAP Adapter Error: 'Routing Rule has been disabled' at SAP SM58


I am using SAP Adapter Version 6.5
I have created an RFC Listener and an Asynchronous ALE Listener Notification to receive IDOCs from SAP.
The transactions were working fine till I disabled the SAP connection and RFC Listener and enabled them back. The transactions are not working after that.
There are no transaction logs at webMethods side. The connections and listener are enabled without any error though.

While sending IDOCs from SAP, I am receiving the below Status Text in SM58
‘Routing rule has been disabled Sender: AQ1200 Recieiver: EDI MsgType: ORDERS’.
IN WE02 menu, it shows that the IDOC has been delivered to the Destination system.

Following steps have already been taken.

  1. Refreshing the Listener, Connections and Listener Notification.
  2. Deleting and Recreating the Listener.
  3. Disabling the default inbuilt routing listener
  4. Reloading the packages WmSAP, Connection-Listener Package and Notification package.
  5. Restarting the IS :smiley:

I have checked following things

  1. I have tried searching for RFC functions and IDOCs in Lookup. Every search gives fine results. So no issue with the connection.
  2. Checking the RFC Destination connection status at SAP side. It is successfully pinging webMethods server in SM59.

I am getting this error even if i am not using any routing rule. I am suspecting that instead of RFC listener, the routing listener is picking the data and there are no Routing notifications, there is no further processing of these IDOCs, so no IDOCs are getting picked up from SAP. But if this was the issue, there would have been Transaction Logs at webmethods side. But there are no such logs. :sad:

Please help me with this issue.