SAP forcing Order of the fields or failing

For one of my implementation - SAP seem to be losing structure of IDOC (hierarchy of segments in IDOC) and putting all in same level ; we are noticing that this is occurring when an order of field moves around. Ideally in XML, order shouldn’t’ matter as long as the field is under same parent - but that is not the case here. Has anyone faced this? Our workaround is currently updating map (XSLT) or truly using document structure to export final output after mapping.


please provide your SAP Adapter version incl. Fix-Level and JCo version.

Additionally check the DDIC Cache in SAP Adapter to see what is the known structure of this IDoc for the Adapter.


I am using SAP Adapter 10.1 Fix 4 with IS 10.5 Fix 2.


All field appear at main IDOC level
even when - they are placed under E1EDL20

we had to move position of fields to have SAP read it correctly.

Hi Chirag,

can you perform a lookup of this IDoc Type in SAP Adapter to see how the document is structured in IS.

I might be wrong but I think that this related to the blank character in the field names, which separates the part after the blank into a new field named “QUALF” for this field.


@Holger_von_Thomsen One of my expert also told me to look for spaces. We don’t have spaces in tag names - but we may have spaces within values.

e.g. in place of <KRATE>0</KRATE> - we have some scenario of



and that can be an issue.

The structure is regular DELVRY03 - Extended:

Following are under E1EDL20.

For now we fixed it by rearranging the fields - but as you pointed out - right way is to possibly eliminate spaces.

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