FF schema to iDoc - extra new lines.

I’m having a problem with converting a flatfile to an iDoc thats being sent to a 1SAP system. I’ve created my schema, and tested my input against it, it all maps correctly. Tracing through my mapping aswell as the outbound shows that the iDoc is populated correctly. Yet when it is recieved on the opposite side it shows blank lines between each of the records.

ie :

rec header




I’ve placed a trim on the mapping of the last value in each record, incase there was a newline there, both values during the map show that they dont have one. The schema is set as delimited, with the record delimiter of ‘newline’.

What OS is SAP running on?
What OS is IS running on?
What are you using to view the IDoc documents?

My first thought is that it’s a difference between end-of-line (EOL) markers for different OSes. As you probably know, Windows uses CRLF and Unix uses LF for EOL. When a file using CRLF EOL markers is viewed on Unix, it appears that there are extra blank lines as it interprets the CR and LF separately. This is probably just a display issue.

Both systems are Unix based. What’s got me puzzled is that since its going from a ff schema to an idoc, it should only be reading out of the fields in the iDoc on the recieving side, and none of these contain a newline in them.

I’m still stuck on this, any more ideas?

Have you stepped through the FLOW to see exactly where the “extra” EOL is being added? At what point do you see the extra EOL markers? Can you describe the details of your interaction with the SAP adapter?