Flat File Schemas and Mapping

how is the content in the flatfile (given that everything other than the FCS record occurs only once)??

maybe that will give me some clues to further the discussion…

Thanks for the interest.
The records come in sets as above, with 1 or more FCS records to each set.
I have set the iterate=true in the convertToValues package so I pickup the first set of records.The AP,PART and FCS reords are indented in the schema, under the CTL record, but the indent does not show in the posting.
After the convertToValues I have a map step where I map the ffvalues output from the convertToValues. I map this to a Doc Ref in the pipeline out which is a reference to the schema. The data appears ok but in futher map steps I do not seem able to map the data to an intermediate schema.
… john