Large Flat File Handling

Hi Team,

I was creating a simple flow service for large flat file handling concept.

I am setting the iterate filed as true and thus the records are processed one by one.

But i tried to map that value from the flat file to any other doc/string list .

The values are not getting mapped or coming as null.

Have attached the screenshot of the code .

Can anyone please help?


"But i tried to map that value from the flat file to any other doc/string list " → How is your loop step look like FF loop to other doclist loop? It could be your loop and map steps underneath that might be not mapped correctly (source list to target list)

Can you elaborate more with showing the screens?



Have attached the SS.

Since i have used iterate=true in the converttoValues steps, the records are being processed one by one.

So i will not be able to use loop after that step.

The values are proper in the main Schema DT , but at the map step , the values are not getting mapped to other document of same structure.

Kindly suggest.

I think its a mapping assignment problem and can you make sure the source iterations Flatfile/recordWithNoID has the values and so when you explicit map to Doc/recordWithNoID will map the iteration accordingly? Please debug or prefer go with a loop step with InArray/OutArray to explicit map the source to target field.

Else do straight high mapping from Flatfile/recordWithNoID link to Doc/recordWithNoID assuming the fields beneath both the doclists have same keys (Name,Class,Roll etc…)