RosettaNet with PIDX

Hi All,

We want to implement RosettaNet using PIDX (Invoice) along with a PDF attachment.

webMethods IS 6.5
wM Trading Networks 6.5
RosettaNet module 6.0.1
PIDX P21 & P22

We do not have prior experience of using a PIDX payload in RosettaNet and would like to know more about it.

If you have worked on similar project, would you please guide us? Any tips/ known issues will be helpful too.

Thanks in advance.

hey Deepthi…me too come with the same…can u share some details…if u gather anything

Hi Susheel,

We used the RosettaNet headers along with PIDX payload and custom developed the entire code. It did work!


This should work out of box with new RN module 7.x

RosettaNet Module 7.1
PIDX P21 & P22 (eInvoicing)