Using PIDX invoice

Hi All,

We want to implement RosettaNet using PIDX (Invoice) along with PDF attachments.

webMethods IS 6.5
wM Trading Networks 6.5
RosettaNet module 6.0.1
PIDX P21 & P22

We do not have prior experience of using a PIDX payload in RosettaNet and would like to know more about it.

If you have worked on similar project, would you please guide us? Any tips/ known issues will be helpful too.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I can assist you in setting up your PIDX/RNIF2.0 implementation. The explanation is lengthy so just give me a call at 713-594-4946 and we can walk thru the configuration.

Thanks for your response Charles. Can I have your mail id please.

Hello All,

We are receiving a multipart MIME message stream - which contains XML data and PDF attachments on Trading Networks via https (/invoke/

TN is not able to handle the MIME message. We have created document type and processing rule which will extract data from XML part of this message to recognise and process it. But document is not recognised by TN and hence not processed.

We need to use the XML and the attachments in the application (flow services are written to send it to backend systems)

How MIME messages can be handled in TN? Can we extract the attachments in TN?

Thanks in Advance!

My contact information is a available via the PIDX Business Messaging Work Group home page ( I am the chairman for this group and would able to provide you with assistance in PIDX implementations within webMethods. can not handle MIME messages. We have a project with a similar proect (multipart MIME message with a single XML and a binary TIFF file). This is a custom MIME message that does not follow any standard (i.e. RosettaNet, PIDX, CIDX, cXML).

Note: Do not use the appraoch listed below unless this is a custom MIME message. This approach does not replace the need for webMethods adapters.

You can receive a custom MIME message via a gateway service and then post to Trading Networks. This follows the same appraoch used for TN flat file handling documented in the TN User Guide. You can also look at wMSamples package at the mime folder for how to use the wMPublic MIME services.

  1. Setup a TN Gateway service (input is object named “ffdata”)