RosettaNet Schema Based PIP

Hi All,

RosettaNet has started to provide schema based PIPs, Also webMethods has PIPs that are Schema based. No DTD but withint wMRnPips package the installed PIP is schema based different from traditional PIPs.

What I need is a document, URL or any info guiding how to develop schema based PIPs in webMethods. I want to see how is it different from traditional RN Development in wM6.1

Thanks for the information.

Hi All,
I want to know what are the B2B standards generally used for Logistic/Transport industries. I know EDI is very much used but it would be great if somebody can tell me any xml standard getting used for there integration projects.

Thanks for the information

Hi RosettanetConsultant,

You may find some info under <webmethods61>\IntegrationServer\packages\WmPIPTools\pub\doc\wMPIPTools_UsersGuide.pdf.

First and the foremost, you must download the zip file from for the PIP you are going to work, which must be based on schema definition and not DTD based.

Then you need to get the latest patch from webMethods PipTools_6_0_1_SP1_Fix7, dated 2005-01-13.

After you complete the above two steps, then go through the pdf file, to see how to install.