Which WM Fixes are required for Rosettanet 46 with PIDX


We are using Rosettanet module 4.6 with IS 4.6 and TN 4.6.

We have assembled two conversations (each of them are one way asynchronous) for testing (sender and receiver) and we are sending a PIDX Order Create document.

PIDX uses namespaces in the document and we have run into numerous problems with getting this configuration to handle the namespaces. What we have found is that there are a number of “Fixes” on the advantage site, and going through support, we also found that there are a number of “fixes” that are not listed on the advantage site.

After adding a number of these “fixes” we can now send the PIDX Order Create with the namespaces from the sender conversation and the receiver conversation picks it up and kicks off the conversation but dies in the validate payload where it appears the namespace is being removed from the payload.

I am wondering if we are missing another “fix” somewhere that may relate to the PIDX.util:validatePayload or RNIF 2.0 handling of namespaces.

Can someone who has made a PIDX document using namespaces work with the RNIF 2.0 conversations provide me with which WM “Fixes” had to be installed to make the conversations handle the namespaces cleanly? Or what work arounds had to be implemented to make WM 4.6 work for these conversations and namespace issues?

We have already loaded fixes RNet_4-6_Fix_2,4,7,8,10,11,14,16,19.