How to send PDF attachment using RosettaNet?

have a question: How to send an attachment with PIP3C3 message in webMethods RosettaNet ?

Followed by standard steps, we can send invoice xml data to receiver, and receiver can get message content as bellow:

But now our customer need us to send Invoice PDF file as attachment,
then how we can do? Which flow service we can call, or in which flow service we need to add some methods?

We have already done bellow step:

  1. Using pub.estd.rosettaNet:processDocument to initialize process, and already mapping the XmlNode to node parameter.
  2. In a OutboundMapping flow service, we convert internal document to PIP invoice document. Mapping external document to documents/Payload.
  3. We can read PDF attachment as bytes, or stream.

RosettaNet Version:
RosettaNet Module Version

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