RosettaNet PIDX Invoice Response

I am trying to setup a process model where we will start receiving PIDX Invoice Response documents from our Trading Partners.

I have setup the TPA and can receive the document however it is not recognized as the TN document defined for this document. I have created the PIDX schema and documents and can see this document type defined within TN. I can save the received document and import it into the document type definition and all the extracted parameters find the corresponding data. So I don’t think it is the document definition.

What I have not yet done is import the PIP into the RosettaNet module. Is this required before the document is recognized? I know that it is P22 but I cannot find anything on RosettaNet site about downloading a PIP archive that I can then import into RosettaNet module. I did find PIP 3C3 but this seems to only apply to InvoiceResponse with a Reject, what if it is a “Accepted” response.
We are already sending out PIP P21 Invoice and receiving P11 FieldTicket and receiving P12 FiekdTicket Response, but these were setup by someone that is not with the company any longer.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Yes you need to import PIP via RN module via .par files for any RN related for TN to recognize and setup Process Models (via Designer).

Please contact SAG support as well if you need to download PIP/.par files from the RN standards.


Would not having the PIP imported cause the inbound document to not be recognized? I can find the document in Transactions but it shows Unknown in Document Type, Sender, and Receiver.

I have setup a TN document called RNIF PIDX InvoiceResponse v1.1 that this should be recognized to.

How do I determine which RosettaNet PIP to import? I can tell by browsing the inbound RosettaNet Object and the is P22 but how do I determine which RosettaNet PIP is for P22?

YES normally PIP’s to be imported as far I know.

TPA’s you created manually or came with RN/PIDX install?
Did you also check the Transaction Activity Log reason for not being recognized error for the doctype unknown?

I wlll let other PIDX users also chime in here and further assist regarding the object question.


The activity log only shows he document persisted. Class = General User Name = Default Partner ID = Unknown
Clicking Details shows message “Inserted with 29,044 bytes of content.”

When I click on Associated Transactions within Acitity Log for one of the received documents, It takes me to that particular Transaction.

Click Content on Transaction and I see 5 objects, RosettaNet Object, RNIF 20 Preamble, RNIF 20 Deliver Header, RNIF Service Header, and Payload. Click on Details of Payload and I see the message. encountered execution error. Unspoorted encoding: “utf-8”.

If does display the payload content and it does have these header values:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Would this have any bearing on the issue?

Encoding UTF-8 should work can you try with upper case UTF-8 instead to view the payload atleast?

Also this should also work too.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>