RosettaNet Mapping changed !


I had one issue with Rosetta Net mapping. It is old flow and running fine in Prod and XML output also good as we expect. But I have edit the mapping flow to change one hardcode value at one place and saved it, from that time XML output corrupted & xml tags are not coming as before. As per my observation most of the mappings and hardcode values changed from actual positions in the flow. How it was happened? Recently we have upgraded IS version from 7.1.1 to 7.1.3. Is it the issue ?

Please help me if you have any solution, it will be appreciate.


Yes it be could because of upgrade never know…did you applied any fixes for IS713?

What is the RN module version71?

Please check with SAG support also.


Were you able to get this issue resolved? If yes, could you please post the solution?

What is your IS/EDI/RN version and exact issue you are facing?

Please elaborate on what options you have tried and troubleshooting you have done so far.

So users here can assist you in a better way!