GS Envelope Segment: GS02 and GS03 Field Issue

Hi everyone

In 10.3,

I’m getting GS02 and GS03 values as Sender and Receiver unique partnerID values respectively instead of Sender’s & Receivers External ID values.






Instead of external ID values for those partners , getting those partners unique partnerID…

How to fix this?

Hi Mohammed,
Can you elaborate? In what process are you seeing these values?


Could you please elaborate more on this issue you are facing in clarity?

Are you trying to say that GS02,GS03 values you pasted above are not in accordingly configured in the TN Partner Profile section for the ExternalID’s?

In this case can you work with your TP and business team and get the correct values that they will be sending in the EDI Document?



We are mapping from editn_env/group/Sender to GS02 & editn_env/group/Receiver to GS03

I see that in the above source fields itself, the values are fetching PartnerID’s instead of External ID values of those partners.

It happens only after migrated to 10.3 version.

Debugged & see that in our previous version, the values are coming properly

editn_env/group/Sender = ABC_123

But I see that in 10.3 version,
the values are coming as Unique PartnerID
editn_env/group/Sender = m123sgghueuoh…

Need to know from where below values are fetching

  1. editn_env/group/Sender
  2. editn_env/group/Receiver

Is there any fix needs to be done?
If yes, where can I find it?

Hi Mary Tillman,
I have explained it. Please find it in below chain

OK In this case please log a ticket with SAG-support and they will be able to assist you… apart from it you can even do search on Empower KB and see any available fixes for EDI Module9.x specific on ISv10.3 released or not.


Thanks rmg.


We have overwritten the GS 02 & GS03 values in the code itself.

But I believe that, there must be some fix for this issue…

If I find any EDI/TN related fix, I’ll let you know.