External ID value for 'Z3' missing under WmEDI screen

Hi, We have a EDIFACT 911 INVOIC transaction where the Receiver qualifier was sent as ‘Z3’ in the UNB segment.


From web found out Z3 corresponds to ‘Potential Source of Supply’. But when I try to add that External Id to TN using “Add External ID Type to TN” from WmEDI page, I don`t see ‘Potential Source of Supply’ listed out there. Do we need to do some configuration to get that identifier added to EDI module?

see the section: Adding and Overriding EDI ID Qualifiers
in EDI Module User Guide. It give you way to add new qualifiers.

Never heard about ‘Z3’ may be you can try with UserDefined and test it as last option or contact Tech support if you are stuck.


RMG, When you mean try with ‘UserDefined’, do you want us to interpret the Receiver value as 'User Defined 1" or some other user defined values in Enterprise Profile? (FYI. Receiver Qualifier is sent as Z3). I have defined this value in our Enterprise profile on ‘User Defined 1’, but still the message results as Unknown for Receiver.

I have took this case to SAG team also. Waiting for their reply. Will post the updates once I get some concrete info from SAG Team.

If User Defined not working then SAG tech support help is the option.

or you can try this custom work around:

Add the description of the Id Type,using the service “wm.b2b.editn:addEDIIDType” and then add the required qualifier in the service “custom.EDIIDMapping:addEDIIDMapping” which the service “wm.b2b.editn:ediPartnerIDToTNPartnerID” refers for cutomized Id types.

Give it a shot.