Type of External EDIFACT Qualifier '100'?


Any idea on what is the External ID Type for the EDIFACT Qualifier ‘100’?

UNB+UNOC:1+99999:100+88888:100+091006:1005+XXXXX ++INVOICD93+A+++1’

I have a message with UNB segment like this and when I post the data to TN, Sender/Receiver is not recognised.

Even I tried by adding the value 9999 as ‘User Defined 1’ on Sender Profile and 8888 as ‘User Defined 1’ on the receiver profile.

As ‘100’ seems to be a non-standard qualifier, added the ID qualifier as specified in documentation under topic “Adding and Overriding EDI ID Qualifiers”. This server my purpose.

check out this page: