Segment missing while performing ConvertToString service

Hey there,

We are missing one segment while executing the “wm.b2b.edi:convertToString” service. All the values are getting populated in the EDI String except one segment. We do have the values in the iData Object that is being input to Values of “wm.b2b.edi:convertToString” service.

Does anyone come across this issue. Can someone help us with this.


Please give us more details of your mapping and what EDI transaction(documentType)you are using?

This will help you for users to respond accordingly.

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Thanks RMG.

The document is EDI 810 Invoice and we are trying to generate the EDI String with these segments: BIG, NTE, CUR, REF, PER, N1, IT1/PWK etc., We are able to convert the all the values to EDI String except PWK segment. PWK is getting populated in the iData Object as well but missing after conversion.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the support.

Do you see the PWK segment in the schema that you’re using for the convertToString service ?
Note that if the segment is not defined in the schema it would not be converted even if you have it in the IData object.



Yemi Bedu

Thanks for the responses. Schema used is the standard version and does have the PWK segment in it. Is there a chance of schema getting corrupt or needs to re-create (was wondering. will try if needed to do)

Also, PWK segment is coming as a Doc List in the document that is given as input to Values of “wm.b2b.edi:convertToString” service.

Contact webMethods Support regarding this.As a workaround, edit the standard schema and include the PWK careful while migrating to QA and PRD as you have to move the schema also.


To see if the schema is right you can try Testing the schema against a 810 document which you know is valid.

Also can you make sure that the PWK segment elements have the correct values.

i think schema is corrupted.install it again.


Contact tech support regarding PWK issue,or reinstall the Schema and make sure your IDATA contains the PWD(Recordlist) which matches against 810 Schema.

BTW,what EDI version of 810 trying to use?4010 or higher?


Hi wm_edi_ut ,

Could you post your EDI data for analysis ?