EDI segment Count and garbage value

Do we need to code for counting the number of segments in ST.
or enabling the countSegments in convertToString fullfills it?

Also in WM7.1 I am passing values 0(Zero) in CTT01 and CTT02 but when I convert it to String it has an appended value as “E0” at the end of the field CTT02.
Is it a bug in WM7.1 or it is error in coding?

No…SE01 count will automatically generate by convertToString …Just initialize SE01 with setValue (null) before you map to the convertToString.

Regarding CTT01,02 elements check the EDIFFSchema it should be using some formatService which puts exponential form…You could even remove it or via WmEDI admin page there is UI where you can disable (set false) the formatting.check this info the formatService logic which param it is calling behind the scenes…


Even i also faced the same issue while converting the EDI document to EDIString one of the field is getting added with E0. After reading solution given by Gupta_R.17495 the issue got resolved. But my WM version is 9.12. simplifying the solution is go to the schemaDictionary and get the ID of the field and in FomatService option just remove the serviceName and save the dictionary. By doing this my issue got resolved.
Thank you Gupta_R.17495.