EDIFACT mapping issue due to two segments with the same name at same level

Hi, In one of our flow we have to group lines (One line at a time <lines + subline info>) in the Incoming Invoice 911 EDIFACT message and process it further.

For that I am trying to copy the data from Original received invoice document structure to a temporary invoice document structure. While copying I observed, TAX segment data from summary level is copied to a Header level position in the temporary document.

TAX segment appears in Header as well as Summary level of EDIFACT 911 structure and in our data TAX is coming only at Summary level. So whenever the copy from Original document structure to Temporary document structure happens, the target document of the mapping has TAX value at Header level and not at Summary level. This is causing issue at my further level of processing. Attached the snapshots in a word doc to give some detailed idea on the issue. Any suggestion on how to handle this issue?

Similar case occured while using “wm.b2b.edi:convertToString” service and later fixed it by setting a “sortInput” input variable to “false”.

But here as we were doing the explicit mapping, don`t know how to handle this case.

Did you see this article on the advantage?


There are multiple articles on the advantage,use the search functionality “TAX segment”


We were able to resolve the mapping issue mentioned in this post by doing some work-around over the EDISchema provided in WmEDI package.

Resolution details are attached as “EDIFACT_Invoice911_MappingIssue_Resolution.pdf”.

Thanks RMG for providing a right direction.

We still have an SR open with SAG team for this issue. If they comeback with different resolution/patches, will keep this forum posted.
EDIFACT_Invoice911_MappingIssue_Resolution.pdf (89.5 KB)

Great if that works!!..please keep us posted…