Rosettanet implementation query

Hi ,
I am implementing 3A8 two action PIP Rosettanet on webmethods 6.0.1.
I’m pretty new to Rosettenet implementation.
I executed the RN sample for some understanding.
I have few queries of Rosettanet sample implementation.

  1. I couldn’t find any processing rule in the sample.
    In practical with multiple trading partners and standards TN processing rule needs to be used.
    How to use processing rules in Rosettanet.The Rosettanet user guide doesnt give much information on this.
  2. Is it always necessary to go about with process model thing.
    Is it possible to implement Recipt ack and NOF without process models.

Can anybody provide step to step process for Rosettanet integration.
I have done following tasks:-
1)created 2 TN profiles( Buyer and Seller)
2) Using PIP Builder created IS document, TN document etc.
3) Created an IDOC to PIP IS request document -outbound Mapping service .
4) A Inbound mapping service-PIP response to IDOC mapping to SAP.

I am not able to get the missing links together.
How should I send the IS PIP request document to partner using TN via RNIF 2.0 over HTTP and
same case when receiving the response.How to fit these services in the 2 action initiator process model.

Help is appreciated.