Processing rule RosettaNet Docs

Hello all,

I have set a basic processing rule which will be lunched at receiving any document: sender(Any) receiver(Any) DocumentType(Any), the action that will be lunched is “execute a service”

When my trading receive’s a document sent from the trading network web on the IS interface, the processing rule I set is processed the configured service in the action “execute a service” is well exécuted. On the other hand, when it receive’s a RosettaNet document (let’s say the ReceiptAknoledgemnt (RNIF 1.1) ) the processing rule does not work, the excute service action does not work either.:confused:

Is there any difference in processing RosettaNet documents than other documents?

Thanks in advance


What version of IS are you running on?

What do you see in the Activity log for ReceiptAcknowledgment document when received it?

Also the RN functionality changed from 4.6 versions to 6.x/7.x based on the process models and TN (earlier used to be conversations based)


for RosettaNet documents, the documents are received on specific inbound services, they are not routed to TN, instead , a processed model should be triggered (or joined in case of RA). RA will be persistent in TN, but TN rule won’t be triggered.

@rmg : I’m using the version 7.1.3. One line is logged into the ReceiptAcknowledgment Activity log with message “persisted” no trace of processing rule execution.
@tongwang : I guess you are right, since I’ve got an error message on the IS asking for the process model.

Is there any workaroud to make the RosettaNet documents route to TN instead of been routed to trigger the process model?

Thank you.

No there is no alternate way except using process model that kicksoff process to TN for delivery outbound in 6.5/7.x.x and above:


Dear rmg,

Please if you have any idea how to kicksoff process to TN, please let us now…more explanation will be welcomed.

Thank you.

Did you have the process step model/calls IS flow that invoke for the RA output defined and then the delivery processing rule should kickoff?

What is your current process model designed?



I’m back with more understanding of the problem and some more questions.

Here is the actual situation : I need to set up a kind of HUB using an IS trading network.
here is the scenario :
Backend “A” send a PIP3A4 PO request to backend “B”.
Backend B" respond with a ReceiptAknoledgemnt (RNIF 1.1) to backend “HUB”.
Backend “HUB” will route the received document “ReceiptAknoledgemnt (RNIF 1.1)” to Backend “A”.

Backend “B” use wm.ip.rn:receive as a sending adresse.

The HUB receives well the document, recognize it (doc type,sender,receiver) but will not submit it to the TN in order to fire the processing rules (normal, because the doc is submitted to wm.ip.rn:receive and not

I set up a process model as advised by #RMG. It is composed of two steps : one that receives the “ReceiptAknoledgemnt (RNIF 1.1)” documents and the other step invokes the service
after testing, the HUB well receives the RNIF document, but does not lunch the process model. The only error I got is : TPA not found

1-Do I need a TPA for entering documents? if yes, how to define the TPA for the “ReceiptAknoledgemnt (RNIF 1.1)”?

Thank you in advance for your support.

TPA’s now comes with the RN Module71 setup when you install the PIP tools via Adapter isnt?

Please review the RN user guide and I am sure it does covers the TPA topics:


Dear RMG,

I’ve checked the RN Module71 looking for the TPA of the RN document “ReceiptAknoledgemnt (RNIF 1.1)” but the only thing I found is the dtd (usually the pips are provided with a dtd and a specification in order to generate the pip using the PIPTool).

I don’t think that Rosettanet had planned a TPA for the document RNIF, as it is a part of the internal PIP process.

What do you think?
Is there any way to create this TPA manually?

No the TPA’s are comes with the RN Module with RN services behind the scenes…

If not try to create TPA signature manually with the RN service specification but this a tedious task anything can be missed and working condition is 50-50 chance.

Can you run this issue with SAG tech support also?