Posting the Rosettanet Document to TN

Please answer following queries with respect to Seller Model on IS 6.1, Modeler 6.1.5 and Rosetta net 2.0:

1> How should a TN partner submit the Rosettanet PIP document to our TN – as an xml document of PIP structure or as an RNO object ?

2> How does the TN partner create the RNO objects to submit it to our TN ?

3> These document should be submitted to invoke which service - or wm.ip.rn:receive or ?

4> What is the preferred way of implementing rosetta net document exchange and processing the inbound document at TN ? One approach is - TN partner submit xml document to internal service which create RNO object and submit it to our TN. Once TN recognize the rosetta net PIP, it triggers the respective model to process it.
Please modify this approach if I am wrong / suggest alternate better way to implement this.

Thanks and Regards,