Problem sending Rosettanet Ack

Hi all,
I am trying sample rosettanet implementation for PIP 3A4.
I am getting error while sending ack as follows .Although it is very evident it is Access problem I am not able to figure out where this is happening?any clues

In service Receipt Acknowledgement could not be sent to trading partner - 123456789. Error Message: In service wm.ip.trp:http: HTTP retry 5 of 5: HTTP connection to URL http://localhost:5555/invoke/ failed with following error: [ISC.0064.9314] Authorization Required: [ISS.0084.9004] Access Denied [ESIPRT.000020.000023] [ESIPRT.000020.000025]


a) In your profile settings for this trading partner, change the username/password to that of the administrator (I suggest this only if you are trying to run the scenario). In an ideal real-world implementation with a partner, you should give the right ACL to the and/or wm.ip:receive service and make sure that the partner (123456789) is “allowed” in this ACL.

b) I vaguely remember that the url should be wm.ip:receive and not for rosettanet documents.

Hope this helps,
Uday Yallapragada.

The actual Rosettanet/TN url is wm.ip.rn:receive.

Hi All,

We are on the process of implemeting Rosettanet Standard PIP 3A4 in Webmethods. Can any one guide me the step by step process in webmethods and also let me know if there is any Documentation for the same. 


If you are a webmethods customer/partner,you can dowloand the wm-Rosettanet documentation from website.look the links under bookshelf.


I have a problem here.
If we take the Pip3A4 model, we have both the buyer and seller model.
How can i avoid the buyer model and send a Pip3A4 Request doc RNO to Seller model.

If I use the buyer model, it formats the doc into Pip structure and puts it under documents doc, and other docs like Preamble header…etc and finally calls the ip:send service, which inturn calls the pub.client:http, which takes the input as tn:receive and thus sends the RNO.

If I have to do away with the Buyer model, how can I call the tn:receive service, with all the content headers and types, and part contents.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Muralidhar B


If you use seller model,then define the conversation script accordingly as focalRole (Seller)and so upon receiving the RNO from the buyer to ip.rn:receive to TN,then your seller conversation kicksoff depends on the starting documentType.