TN Rosettanet

I am beginer in Rosettanet. I dont know when sending PIP to TN, TN will recieve RNO or XML. Anh how to set processing rule for PIP. Because when import DTD to TN, it have 2 document types (internal,another one).Anybody can explain it to me.

Please go thru the webMethdosRosettanet Userguide for more information.It explains the process in/out.

TN will receive the RNO PIP (XML format)…Generally it will have headers(Preamble,Delivery,Service) and ServiceContent to make full formed RosettanetObject (RNO).

Once TN receives the PIP XML it will route the document based on the processing rules that triggers the steps (aka…conversation) to deliver/process the document.

For example if you use PIP 3A4 Order Request/Confirmation TN will have these document types along with ReceiptAcknowledgement docs.



Thanks for you reply but I dont know how to configure processing rule because after importing DTD, it is created 2 documents automatically( shipper internal, receiver with 3B2) . Pls help me to do that.


Click on the Processing Rules icon and it allows you to create new rule and select Rosettanet Sender/Receiver (roles-ie profiles) and Document Type 3B2AdvanceShipmentNotice etc…