How to submit and process Rosettanet Document to TN

Please answer following queries with respect to Seller Model on IS 6.1, Modeler 6.1.5 and Rosetta net 2.0:

1> How should a TN partner submit the Rosettanet PIP document to our TN – as an xml document of PIP structure or as an RNO object ?

2> How does the TN partner create the RNO objects to submit it to our TN ?

3> These document should be submitted to invoke which service - or wm.ip.rn:receive or ?

4> What is the preferred way of implementing rosetta net document exchange and processing the inbound document at TN ? One approach is - TN partner submit xml document to internal service which create RNO object and submit it to our TN. Once TN recognize the rosetta net PIP, it triggers the respective model to process it.
Please modify this approach if I am wrong / suggest alternate better way to implement this.

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The PIP (RNO)example 3A4 document should be received by this “wm.ip.rn:receive” (WmRosettanet)gateway service this you will set in the partner profile of primaryHTTP/SecondaryHTTP DeliveryMethod section.

So TN upon receives the document then it should trigger your processingRuleService and this internally will have to kickoff the respective processModel(subscriber)and process the further model flow,what ever either bottomup or topdown approach that you are following.


Thanks for the response RMG.
In the sample PIP conversation, the PIP document is directly submitted to an IS service ( other than rn receive service) which call processDocument service to intiate the process model. Does it mean that RN document should be submitted to some internal service rather than service ? Moreover, as we generate the code using modeler, processing rule does not come in picture.
Please comment.


I beleive you are using TN in your process.

So If the PIP document is hitting TN first then you have set this in TN partner profile section “wm.ip.rn:receive” to received the RNO.

So i said about the processing rule and it came into picture.


I think the RosettaNet PIP sample is not a good template for how you’d implement a RN integration project. The sample is little modified from the sample used way back in IS 3.0 (way back when it was called B2B Server) and RN 1.5 days. TN was required for RosettaNet until IS 4.0, and the sample PIP pretty much received only the minimum change required to get it working with TN, but as I said wouldn’t be how one would actually implement a RN nowdays.

The only official way to receive RNIF 1.1 data would be through HTTP/HTTPS to wm.ip.rn:receive. RNIF 2.0 allow other options, although I don’t think I’ve ran into integrations using any other protocols. In both cases, it’s technically possible to receive RN data (inbound) through FTP.

For outbound data, since your internal outbound (from ERP, MRP, whatnot) would not be RosettaNet format to begin with, it might be Adapter Notification, broker document, HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/mail, DB query, etc. No restrictions there, as long as you can have the document kick off a corresponding Model.

Lastly, for people just starting with RosettaNet – RosettaNet messages (RNOs) are not XML in the strictest sense. It’s either a binary format (RNIF 1.1) or S/MIME document (RNIF 2.0). TN proper can only receive XML and flatfile. That’s why RosettaNet has its own receive service, instead of going directly through TN.