Rolled back IDocs are being retried in wM.

Hello Everybody,

Some time SAP business Users are mistakenly sending one Idoc of type HRMD_A to webMethods. This HRMD_A is not set to be processed in webMethods and there is no Idoc processing rule present for this. So it automatically creates a dummy processing rule in wMPartners page which remains in disabled condition.

When I checked the Idoc transaction, I can see there is only one Idoc sent in the month of July this year and that is in Rolled back state. Upto this everything is fine…

Now when I take a look at the wM error log tables, I can see Unknown Partner and Message Type. Sender: PR1_100 Receiver: ZWEBMETHOD MsgType: HRMD_A

and wm.PartnerMgr.gateway.runtime:InboundProcess

is coming at an interval of every 15 mins…

So it looks like the HRMD_A idoc that came in July, is being retried every 15 mins.

I have confirmed from our SAP consultant and there is no job in SAP to resend the Idocs.

Are you guys aware about any settings in wM that keeps retrying Idocs having status Rolled Back ?

Note: we do not run currently any SweepTrx job for the Rolled back Idocs

Thanks in advance


Hey DG,
Your SAP consultant lied :-D. wM/PartnerMgr does not retry the rolledback transactions automatically. Deleting the TID from sm58 can stop the retries.

Also go to SM59 and check the RFC destination over which the IDoc came in. There is a menu entry called “tRFC settings” (or similar) for each RFC destination. Most probably here they have defined to automatically repeat failed tRFCs every 15 minutes…


thanks Guys…this is resolved now. Problem in SAP, they were actually retrying the Idoc. They have now removed wM from receiver port.

wow it took u almost 1 year to update here back?:D:)…Anyways glad to hear it got resolved…