Resubmiting Failed Document

Hi all,

I am doing edi outbound.
I am getting idoc from Sap through ALE using sap adapter.
after i got the idoc i am routing that idoc to TN.
From there it is routing to particular partner flow service to convert that idoc to EDI to send that out.
I got everything fine till here.
My question is if the idoc has any errors, my error handling mechanism is throw an error email to admin.
so how i need to implement , where to correct the idoc in webmethods depending on the errors and resubmitting the corrected idoc.

I read all the documentation, but i did not get any idea.
Is there anybody to help me out on this issue.

Thanks in advance,


Your query related to developing ErrorHandling framework,looks you guys are using TN in the implementation so there lot of advantages like doing reprocess/resubmit the failed documents.If Programmatically then there are various TN builtin services exists for Querying TN DB,check document UserStatus/ProcessingStatus,retrying failed Tasks etc…

Reading this doc TradingNetworksBISReference.pdf documentation,this will help when developing TN framework.

Also check this link,it contains diff archives regarding Exceptionhandling,framework related etc…


Also check the (pub.event) folder services for doing ExceptionHandling by generating alerts emails incase of document processing/mapping failures or transient errors etc…

We use TN for over 50 different integrations between SAP and partner systems, and use two main mechanisms for error handling / notification:

  1. use try/catch blocks in IS code, so any error is caught and an appropriate service (resubmit, send eMail to users/admin etc) is invoked

  2. run hourly/daily scheduled services in IS to interrogate TN database for Bizdocs with errors, based on various Sender/Receiver/Processing Status/User Status/Date combinations, and run appropriate services (resubmit, send eMail to users/admin etc) for each Bizdoc or group of Bizdocs selected.

“so how i need to implement , where to correct the idoc in webmethods depending on the errors and resubmitting the corrected idoc.”

Integration Server/Trading Networks aren’t designed to allow user editing of documents and don’t provide any facilities out-of-the-box to do so. And SAP doesn’t let you change some types of documents once they’re in a particular state (e.g. can’t make changes to generate a new ship notice or invoice).

You’ll need to come up with your own process for modifying the IDoc or EDI transaction set yourself. One possibility is to manually retrieve the content of the IDoc or EDI from TN, if you’ve persisted it there, and use a text editor to make modifications–not fun but possible–then submit this new, edited document to the appropriate service.

Probably not the answer you’re looking for but neither SAP nor webMethods provide a user-friendly way to do this.

Rob i agree with you.

Also as Martin described mostly everyone follows that process only.