Reset Administrator Password

I have a client running IS 4.6
in their wisdom they have changed the Administrator password, then forgotten it!

There is no other account active in the Administrators group

Does anyone know how I can reset this password without being able to log on. I have attempted to play around with the users.cnf file but without positive results, ie copying from a known password overwriting the hash value, but this did not work

please help if you can


graham moisley


If they have another IS running, you can probably try overwriting the users.cnf file from the Admin password known IS. But please beware of loosing other users whom you may not have on that IS.

I would reinstall the 4.6 IS server from an image file to get a server with a Admin password that you would know. You would need to export all your packages first and copy to a backup directory any jar files that you want to keep. Uninstall, then install the server.