mywebmethods administrator recovery

How do I recover/set Administrator password for mywebmethods .
I recently changed the password for Administrator account in the Integration Server, and can log into the Integration Server, but can’t log into the mywebmethods server with the same password.
When I try to log into mywebmethods, I get [POP.003.0141] Invalid username or credentials for: “Administrator”.]

Do you remember sysadmin password?
If you do then u can reset Administrator password.

Also its always a good practice to create an Admin User group and then add users to that group.

Hi jeffrey ,
As far as I know if you change IS Admin password it will be applicable only for IS.
And If you want to have same password for MWS Administration user you have to change it from MWN.
Log in to MWS -> My Profile -> Type new password -> Click Save button.

Since you are not able to login to MWS using IS Admin user password, try with old password it should work. Else the only other option is to use sysadmin user.

Regards ,