Password recovery

I forgot the administrator password for the Admin console. Is there a way to recover the password.


Well, there is a nasty tricky way around this, but it depends on whether you have access to the IS file system, specifically the config folder.

If you do have access to the config folder proceed as follows:
1 – Shutdown IS
2 – Backup the users.cnf file (change its name to users.myBak for instance)
3 – Restart IS (this will create a new users.cnf file with all the default users and pwd, including the Administrator)
4 – Shutdown IS
5 – Open the users.cnf and the users.myBak files (both are XML files)
6 – Locate on the users.cnf the entry for the Administrator user and copy the passHah value to the corresponding place on the users.myBak file
7 – Delete the users.cnf file and rename the users.myBak back to users.cnf
8 – Restart the IS and now you should have the Administrator password reset to the default one

Hope it helps,
Luis Rolo


That was a nice simple trick. I should have thought before I asked.