Login problems http://localhost:9991/smh/login.htm

I have problems to login at the specified url.
I always get the message unknown username or invalid password.

I have seen that at this board there is already a thread with the same topic but nothing of these hints had helped.

At the registry key HKLM\software\SoftwareAg\SystemManagementHub\tamino\Users
isnt any entry.

Any ideas ?

System: win NT SP 6 with Local Administrator Rights

I had a Testsystem there was no Password set for the Administrator. => Tamino Manager did not accept this account until i set a new pass!


The registry key in question is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Software AG\System Management Hub\Products\Tamino\Users
but this only enables the access to Tamino. The general SMH access is checked with the system, i.e. if the user hugo (or with domain GROUP: GROUP\hugo) is a registered user at the machine (here localhost), SMH will let you pass.

The most common reason here is to forget the domain.

Got it !!!

Thanks for your hints !!!

The hint that the SMH gets the password form system was the solution.
My login-name at the Wint NT system was not the same as the SMH wanted.
Because my computer is in a network you must specify the full qualified login name.
(You can only login on SMH if you are really Local Administrator on this machine.)

In this case the login name is: [Domain Name]/[login name]