Login problem on new install (Win2k workstation)

Hi. I got a colleague interested enough to try Tamino via the XML Starter Kit. But after installing on their Win 2K workstation, we were unable to log in the particular machine via SMH.

Symptoms: We can log into smh just fine; that appears to just require a valid Windows name/password.

Once inside smh, we cannot access the particular machine Tamino was installed on.

I found an article here suggesting Tamino is looking at registry entries for the second step – is that right? We tried adding new keys as described, but it didn’t help.

Any suggestions? We are stumped at the moment.

Oh, and – Tamino wouldn’t let us uninstall because we didn’t have the name and password. We eventually resorted to deleting everything, wiping out the registry entries and the common files, and starting over. Second install completed with exactly the same results.

Hello Adam,

The user name you need to use when you logon to the SMH is the same one that installed Tamino. This must include the domain name if you have logged on into a domain.

You shouldn’t need to modify the registry but you can check to see what user(s) are defined for administrating Tamino by looking into the registry at:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Software AG\System Management Hub\Products\Tamino\Users
and there you will find a list of key(s) for the authorized users.

Btw if you do happen to change the registry by hand it advised to restart the SMH services by stopping all three and then starting all three, i.e.:
- “Software AG CSLayer Service”
- “Software AG MILayer Service”
- "Software AG EventLayer Service"
But as I mentioned above, you shouldn’t need to change the registry by hand.

Hope this helps you. Regards,