SMH login

I have been trying to login to the SMH for the past 2 days and ca’t get anywhere. I followed previous messages posted by using:

I am using XP Professional with an intel-celeron(1.1GHz)on my laptop. Any suggestion please!!


Hi Howey,

I will begin with a disclaimer: I don’t know if the following solution works on XP, but it does work on Windows 2000…

Check the registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Software AG\System Management Hub\Products\Tamino\Users

Within this you should find more keys with the names of the users who are allowed to log into the SMH. If you don’t see any, create a new key with the name / [put your domain and username!].

It is important that a key is created, not a value. Please note that a forward slash is used, not a backwards slash (the registry isn’t allowed to have a backslash in key names).

Assuming that you can log in after this change, you can add additional Tamino administrators through the SMH.
(Go to -> Tamino -> Administrators, then click the “Add Administrator” button in the bottom left pane.)

I hope this helps,