error ARG2007

Logged in the first into SMH, checked and confirmed that my domain/userid is properly listed under Administrators for Tamino and SMH. But when I attempt to expand the Tamino folder or System Management Hub folder, I get error ARG2007, saying that I do not have sufficient rights. What gives?


could you please execute the following command and post the output?
The command:

   regutil enumkeys "HKLMS\Software AG\System Management Hub\Products\Tamino\Users"



I see my as USER registry entries under Tamino and the SMH keys

Anyway, I was able to open the folders after I logged in again with and password. Earlier I had only supplied userid & password.

I wonder if one can create a new USER with the local computer name as the domain and thereafter just log in with userid (?)

Thanks for the reply.


I think that the short answer is “yes”.

If you are able to login to the SMH using “userid” rather than “” then you should be able to define “userid” as an administrator for the various products in the SMH.

Hope that helps,