administration rights


I installed Tamino on Windows 2000 as user with administration rights. The installation process confirmed my username and I am able to open SMH. But when trying to add an administrator I get “There is not any product authorized for current user …” and trying to create a database leads to “(ARG2007) The user does not have enough rights to execute this command”.
Which user has the right to do this?

Best regards,
Norbert Winnige

Hi Norbert,

Normally (at least in the environments I work in) when logging on to a Windows system you use DOMAIN\User-ID. Then when you perform the installation of Tamino, which will install the System Management Hub (SMH), the windows login ID (DOMAIN\User-ID) is set as the user with Administration rights for the SMH and Tamino.

Make sure (confirm) that you are using the same user-id to login the SMH as you used to logon the Windows system when you performed the installation, i.e., DOMAIN\User-ID. Hope this helps.