Tamino Manager err

While trying to access Tamino section in Tamino manager, I’m getting following:

The user has not enough rights to execute this command

I work under account with Administrator rights. My OS is Windows’2000 Server.

What’s wrong?
P.S. Tamino from XML Starter Kit

Alexander Temerev


I had the same problem.I used to log in as user name:Administrator.However,that got fixed when I used the full name(Domain name/Administrator) ,i.e. My Computer’s domain name is DOMAIN.Therefore my username is DOMAIN/Administrator

Hope that helps


After installing Tamino the one and only Tamino-Administrator is the user, who installed Tamino. If this was the local Admistrator the right log in is “Administrator” if this was the Domain-Administrator the right log in is “Domain/Administrator”.

You can add Tamino-Administrators with the Tamino-Manager: System-Management-Hub --> Host-Name --> Tamino --> Administrators (click this node)–> add Administrator …



I had this same problem with TAMINO starter KIT.
There were two problems:
1. Software like GetRight can’t be run!
2. My windows password had sights like % and & When I chened it to diffrent one I could login to Tamino Hub Manager

Artur Lange

hi peter
i tried ur way of logging in tamino
but still it says u dont have rights to use it
plz let me know what the problem might be
thanking u

hi peter
ur method works
actually there was problem in my network