logging in?

Hope this isnt a silly question, but how do you get the login to start using Tamino?? I have registered already, are login details on the confirmation i will receive in the post or can i get them sooner??

Hello Lorraine,

that is certainly not a silly question - but I am not entirely sure which login you are asking about!
Do you mean that you have already installed Tamino, and now need to login to the System Management Hub?
(Which is the thing you find at “http://localhost:9991/smh/login.htm” after installing.)

If so, you can login there using the username/password of the [Operating System] user that you installed Tamino as.

Or is your question relating to a different login?


Hi Trevor,
Yes, I have already installed Tamino, and want to login to the System Management Hub. When installing it, I entered the network domain, server name and Admin email address. Is this email address the login??

Thanks for your help,

Ahh! So sorry for bothering you!
I have logged in now - i was sure i had tried all possible passwords!!
Thanks for you help, and once again - sorry!!


Hi Lorraine,

no worries! I’m glad you’re logged in now.


I too am having trouble logging into SMH after installing the Starter Kit. I am using my Domain/UserName and I even went to the Registry and saw that this user is in the Products\Tamino\Users key. I am using the password that I use to login on the domain, but no luck, it says unknown user name or password.

Any other idea what could be wrong? I’m using XP Professional.


Hi Bobby,
You wouldn’t by any chance have used “special characters” in your userid or pw ?
I had a problem with the SMH that came with starterkit for tamino 3.1 of tamino.
In Swedish “administrator” is termed "administrat