Administrator password

I installed XML Starterkit. Administrator has no password. How can I change this?

If you’re referring to the password of the database administrator (the password the Tamino Manager asks): this is the same password you use for login on your NT machine. So if you’ve installed Tamino while being logged into Windows withthe standard Administrator account, try setting a password for this NT account.

Best regards, Andreas

Is that a windowsproblem?
Why has Tamino no passwordadministration?


Hi Zenit,

Tamino doesn’t use its own users/parsswords, it use the System (Windows or Unix) autentication system.
In Tamino Manager you can only establish what users (existing in the system) can administrate Tamino.
The password for that user to login into Tamino Manager is the password in the system for that user.



I will automate the useradministration with my own program. Is it possible to put a new user to the tamino without the Tamino Manager?
If the answer yes, how can I do it?


Hi Sven,
Yes you can do it with the batch interface.

"argbatch add administrator"


Hi Juanjo!

Did you made such a batch file or who can I get some one?


What environment do you have, Unix, Windows …?

Hi Juanjo,

I nead one for Unix and Windows.
My testenvironment is Windows and the onlineserver runs under Unix.


Hi Sven,

The following are two very simple examples.

Create a adduser.bat or adduser.cmd file with this line:
argbatch add administrator %1

Call this commands file with:

Create a script file with this lines:
argbatch add administrator $1

Call this script file with:

Previously, in both environments, the argbatch environment must be set correctly.

Obviusly, the scripts can be completed to verify that only one parameter is used or many other things.