Adding administrator

Now, I have the problem that I cannot add another administrator. In fact is possible to do that by choosing the menu-item administrator and there “Administratoren definieren”. And this works. But I cannot define a passwort nor I can logging in with this account! Gruss Christian

Hi Christian, First you need to define the new user to your local machine or domain. Then you can make the new user an Administrator of Software AG products using the System Management Hub.

Yes, we did this. We created a new user/admin with the same user-ID as on my Windows-host. And there is another problem: each time I call the tamino-manager, it opens my browser ( firefox ) with its startpage???!!?? Gruss Christian

The firefox issue can be resolved by removing the ‘-nohome’ option from the poperties of the shortcut you use to launch the Tamino Manager. If you can logon to Windows on your localhost with your new user’s ID (no domain name) and Password, you should be able to access the Tamino Manager using that userid/password also. If you are specifying a domain name during logon to the Manager, your new user must be defined in the domain, not on your local machine. If you want to change his password, you do that through Windows, not through Tamino Manager. If this does not resolve your problem, please raise a new Support Request with your local Software AG Customer Support Centre. Thanks.