Tamino Manager Login

I am new to Tamino XML Server. I have installed the server and trying to start Tamino Manager. But it is asking for Login and Password. I am giving the right password and user name, but it is accepting it. Is there any way that we can get into it with out giving any user name or password.
Could you please respond to this ASAP plzzzz.
Thanks in advance.


if i understand you correctly, you want to access the tamino manager without adding any type of userid/password.
using the graphical version, this is not possible. the tamino manager always authenticates the against the operating system.

an alternate way would be to use the argbatch command line utility.
using it, you can persistently set userid and password and later on execute most all database administrative commands without having to specify them explicitly.

the command you should start with is

argbatch show commands</pre><BR><BR>and <BR><BR><pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">argbatch set environment user="johndoe" password="psst"

hope this helps.

andreas f.

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