Logging into Tamino Manager First Time

Just installed Eval Tamino. What is used for User id and password? Where are these sets. There should be able to be 3 Simultaneous users correct? Where should the user profiles be set?

Any help would be appreciated.

When you logon to the Tamino Manager, you must use the same user ID and password combination that you use to logon to your machine as an administrator. The user ID can take the form domain/userID (Windows: domain\userID), where domain is the domain name within your local network and userID is your user ID.

To test your installation, go the Tamino program group and select the “Welcome to Tamino” icon. This will start a web page in your browser that will allow you to create an initial test database, define schemas to the database and also load XML data. You will also be able to perform a number of queries against the XML data that has been loaded into the database.

I hope this answers your questions.