Reset Administrator Password

I have a client running IS 4.6
in their wisdom they have changed the Administrator password, then forgotten it!

There is no other account active in the Administrators group

Does anyone know how I can reset this password without being able to log on. I have attempted to play around with the users.cnf file but without positive results, ie copying from a known password overwriting the hash value, but this did not work

please help if you can


graham moisley

hi Graham,
do you have any developer account active?

if yes, email me separately for the solution.


PS: keeping security in perspective, i don’t want to post the solution here


at last I have got to the site
yes I have Developer account active, (on SAP BC Developer 4.7)

I cannot see you e-mail address
mine is




I got around this, mail me and we may compare solutions, but I agree on your security concerns for posting on the site, I guess the lesson is secure Developer as well as Administrator


You are right on target.

Even the admin guide says that “developer” account is as good as “admin”!!

You can reach me ({at})

For Everyone,

As a good security check point, always disable the default “developer” account on PROD boxes!! This account is created by default and the password is publically accessible to anyone!! Thats the biggest security lapse you can think of! (at least change the password on PROD boxes for that account, if you dont want to disable the account)

Also go through the “Security Best Practices” document.