Remote Debugging of CAF portlets with CAF designer

I am trying to debug portlets (mainly Java beans code) in a remote webmethods server. I develop and deploy portlet applications using Software AG Designer. I am able to develop and publish portlets to remote webmethods server. I use the SysAdmin account to do so.

I am unable to connect to the webmethods server in debug mode from Software AG Designer. Restarting server in debug mode from Software AG Designer as described in the CAF developer guide does not work. Following text is logged in the remote server when I try to do the restart in debug mode:

I started the server in debug mode using “mws.bat -d start” and then tried some ways to debug webmethods portlet applications from Designer, but I did not succeed. MWS server always logs the message about guest user not being able to do something.

The version of Software AG Designer is 9.7. I installed all updates available via Update Manager. Everything else works ok, except the remote debugging.

I do not understand the error, but I am guessing that Designer is failing to authenticate to webmethods server and the guest account is not able to perform the actions necessary for debug mode?

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Does your definition of the MwMS in the Designer includes the credentials?

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Hi Gerardo,

I am not sure. When I publish or republish a portlet application (i.e. when I click “publish” in the “Servers view” of the “UI development perspective” of Software AG Designer), the Software AG Designer asks me for credentials. I give SysAdmin/manage. I do not know whether they get stored and whether they are reused for debug calls. Is there a place (in Designer or some config file) where I can configure them?

When going through the New server wizard I did not find a place to enter a credentials for a server. Neither when I open the server.