Questions about TN routeBizDoc and recognize services

couls some one plz explain to me what the services

First take a look at the Trading Networks Concepts Guide (under gateway services) and the Trading Networks Built-In Services guide. Then, if you still have questions, feel free to post them here.


Hi mark

thankx for the tip
I had searched trading NetworkBIService Guide ,Trading NetworkConcepts Guide and Trading network users Guide for the
service already
couldn’t find it …got …is there any other doc were i can find it



This question should be a new thread not part of an existing thread which is unrelated to your question…

Please read the pg 191 of the TN BIS guide for routebizdoc. Recognize is not described there however.

See also p. 49 of the TN Concepts Guide.

Thankx both Will n Mark …n sorry for not creating a new thread


hi mark
what i was asking for was abt the BI service which is used to identify the docType of the received document…i cannot find it in the PDF’s. i got the the other service . page 49 doesn’t contain anything abt this service.


Do a search in the pdf on recognize.Which document are you looking into is it TNProgrammersReference guide?
Actually recognize service takes input of bizdoc and recognizes the doctype and then triggers the processrule which is defined in the TNConsole.


Actually ‘recognize’ doesn’t trigger the rule. It returns you a bizdoc with the proper internal ids set within the bizdoc. ‘recognize’ is used by the receive gatway service.

Based on the fact that is not documented, it would seem it is not a service intended for public use. Indeed I believe the intent is that the normal “entry” services be used when recognition must be performed, such as,,

For services that work with “documents that have already been recognized” I believe the intent isn’t that one has called directly. Rather, that one already has a bizdoc in hand (through various mechanisms) or has created one using and other related, documented services.

Of course this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t use but if it is used, then one must be aware that it isn’t documented, it’s direct use likely isn’t supported, information about what it does will be limited and the service may change or disappear in future versions (though this seems highly unlikely to me).

thankx Will,Rob and RMG for ur valuable tips .

I guess that the service is not documented . If any one happens to spot the service in any of the docs …plz do inform …RMG ,the docs i searched i hav mentioned it in one of the previous posts

Thankx once again


I mean it will recognize the documenttype and once TN receives it this service is internally called for checking the id’s and then triggers the processingrule for as default behaviour.

May be my comments are not clear.

Anyways thanks for clarity in recongize.