How to produce bizdoc object

Hi, everybody

I’d like to use service to deliver xml data,
I’m wondering how to convert xml string to bizdoc object as input?
Thanks for help.

At first Convert your xml string to bytes using stringToBytes service and then map this bytes to (content param which will accept bytes) this will be the required bizdoc record structure for delivery service.


The undocumented service takes a document ‘node’ as input and creates the corresponding bizdoc.

But this might be a better service:
(haven’t used it myself)


If you have boundNode (IDATA record) in the pipeline,instead of xmlstring, then will help you to map the service which will be very easy way.

So try out either of above postings.


dear RMG

According to your interpretation, Is that true?

pub.xml:xmlStringToXMLNode -> pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument
-> ->

I did, but the TN can’t differentiate document type of bizDoc.
Could you tell me where is the wrong?

I want to deliver SOAP message to another server ,
then receive the SOAP response, and then process the response.
May I ask you to give a helping more? Thank you very much.

Pls make sure parameters that you are passing correctly, and also set htmlEncode=true…

For more information about this service browse wmTN_ProgrammersRef.pdf in that under XML DocumentServices folder its listed.


I would recommend to stop trying to use directly. Pass the XML string to or to and let TN do the work it was intended to do.

Sonam’s suggestion of using isn’t a bad one. It basically converts a record to a node and then calls recognize. After that, then call submit.

Use the TN doc types, profiles, and rules to manage tracking and delivery for you. No sense reinventing the wheel.