what is BizDoc? where is is used?

can any one explain where this document is used. i am working with my TN and partners TN in sending and receiving EDI850 documents.


“Bizdoc” word is the TN’s internal business document terminology…for example incase when you receive/send EDI 850 to TN and it invokes a processing rule service the BizdocEnvelope (see wm.tn.doc:BizDocEnvelope) comes in the pipeline where bizdoc/content will hold the EDIdata content.

bizdoc record document is the heart and soul of TN while processing documents.Please see the TN userguide for the basic info on this.


Hi Yaosdhar,

BizDoc is a TN variable that contains routing information for the transaction. It contains the the document information which TN uses for doc processing and routing. It is the name of the variable in the pipeline that contains the BizDocEnvelope, which represents a routable Trading Networks transaction. It contains the content of a document that Trading Networks is processing and includes additional information that Trading Networks requires for routing and processing the document. It is in the pipeline in the bizdoc variable and conforms to the IS document type wm.tn.rec:BizDocEnvelope.